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Jordan's Secured Lending Law Infographic

Jordan's Secured Lending Law Infographic

Jordan Competitiveness Program Fact Sheet 2019

Jordan Competitiveness Program Fact Sheet 2019

Doing Business in Jordan: 2011 Country

This report shows some tips on how to do a business in Jordan

USAID/WMI Business Plan

This Document shows a summary for YWC Business Plan 2017.

Intaj Action Plan- Five years Strategic for the info...

The next five years are critical ones for the Jordanian ICT sector. Accomplishing the
goals of the National ICT Strategy requires strong leadership and effective
management. As the implementation...

The ِِAssociation of Banks in Jordan - A REPORT ON I...

The Association of Banks in Jordan (ABJ) is the principal trade association for banks
operating in Jordan and serves the country's 23 member banks, including eight branches of
foreign banks. The ...

Enhance Managerial Skills University Graduates Worki...

The training program targeted recently graduated private and public sector employees,
focusing on enhancing their managerial skills and encouraging them to deepen their
ambition to build their pr...

Graduate Internship Program (GIP)

The Jordan National ICT Strategy aims to develop a strong Jordanian Information and
Communications Technology (ICT) Sector to contribute to sustainable economic growth, job
creation and empowerment.

Export Development Programs

A GRANT TO THE JORDAN EXPORTERS ASSOCIATION;This document is the end-of-project report for Grant # 2010-03-JEA. Through this grant JEA conducted a series of export capacity building programs and ac...

Intaj Advocacy Program Grant Program

Int@j, the Information & Communications Technology Association of Jordan, is an
Information and Communications Technology (ICT) industry-support association founded in
2000 with the aim of improv...

Recycling in Jordan EXPO 2023 Collection

Recycling in Jordan EXPO 2023

Economic development program (SABEQ) Deliverables

Technical assistance, training and related assistance to enhance the competit...