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Expo 2023 Milestone - Task 6.5

Task 6.5 - Using Milestone Template

WES Milestone - Capacity Building

WES Milestone - Capacity Building

MESC II Success Stories

MESC II main highlights and success stories

GIS Maps

The GIS maps for the Non-Revenue Water (NRW) project in Jordan provide a visual representation of the project.

USAID Water Engineering Services Activity Fact Sheet...

Water Engineering Services Fact Sheet states the technical support for the rehabilitation and expansion of water and wastewater networks across the kingdom and highlighting the achievements of WES ...

MESC Fact Sheet

MESC Fact Sheet

WES- Private-Public Partnerships (PPP) Training- 2nd...

WES- Private-Public Partnerships (PPP) Training- 2nd Day

WES- Private-Public Partnerships (PPP) Training- 1st...

WES- Private-Public Partnerships (PPP) Training- 1st Day

WES- Sucess Story

Sucess Story

WES- Environment, Health, and Safety Training

Environment, Health, and Safety Training

USAID Water Engineering Services Activity - Expo 202...

This collection is created to serve the purpose of the upcoming MEL Expo, in ...

Royal Scientific Society

Training material on solid waste management, water demand, social marketing, ...

PAP Grantees Resources

The materials that was developed by the USAID funded Public Action in Water, ...

Jordan water bodies

Jordan Water Bodies

Jordan rivers and streams at a 10 meter resolution