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Credit Questions Template

Credit Questions for Banks to collect information from Borrowers

دور البنوك ومؤسسات التمويل في التمكين الاقتصادي للمر...

Instructions for Liquidity based on the Maturity Ladder

التسهيلات االائتمانية الممنوحة من قبل البنوك العاملة...

"Instructions on the Ratio of Investments in Jordanian Dinar to the
Sources of Fund in Jordanian Dinar No. (38/2008)"

Evaluating the Profitability of the Islamic Banks in...

instructions of Returned Cheques’ Unit No. (22/2005)

The Last Mile to Quality Service Delivery in Jordan

In many developing countries, governments have invested substantial resources
in the provision of basic services such as healthcare and education. However,
these investments frequently yield mini...

White Paper on Legal Obstacles to SME Loans in Jordan

The growth of SME financing is most pronounced in emerging markets that benefit from a
proper legal framework. Examples include robust economies in Asia and Latin America and
in Eastern European ...


تقديم أفضل الخدمات بشمولية وعدالة تحقق رضا متلقي الخدمة، وتحقق التوازن بين استدامة المحافظة على الطابع التراثي ومواآبة التطورات وذلك من خلال آوادر مؤهلة
ومنتمية وواعية، وشراآة حقيقية مع المجتمع ال...

An SME Credit Scoring Model Illustration-Small Retai...

Credit scoring models are used globally to process a variety of loan applications including SME loan applications. As stated in the previous Report, scoring models bring considerable institutional ...

Economic Scenario Planning

The USAID funded Economic Development Program (SABEQ) in its overall economic
cooperation with the Government of Jordan, conducted economic scenario planning sessions to
explore possible outcomes...

ABJ Consumer Focus Groups For Market Research

Due to dynamic changes in the region specially the banking sector, it is very important for
banks and banking sector players to have a full and real insight to market perception and
attitude. Thi...

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