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Patent Cooperation Treaty Infographic - Arabic

Patent Cooperation Treaty Infographic - Arabic

Patent Cooperation Treaty Infographic - English

Patent Cooperation Treaty Infographic - English

Community Water Harvesting Systems Project

Jordan is classified among countries with limited water resources and in fact is the lowest on
a per capita basis. The available water resources per capita are falling as a result of
population g...

Local Wholesale Markets Operating Efficiency Impleme...

Interest in the marketing of cut flowers in Jordan started since the eighties of the last
century. At that time, producers initiated and organized the marketing process of flowers,
which resulted...

Official Loan Surrport Program for SMEs

This Report analyzes loan support programs in North America and Europe and describes
the special programs created to assist SMEs caught in the credit crisis. In North America
emphasis is placed o...

Association of Banks in Jordan E-Learning Programming

The Association of Banks in Jordan (ABJ) is the principal trade association for banks
operating in Jordan and serves the country’s 23 member banks, including eight branches
of foreign banks. The ...

Survey of Micro- and Small Enterprises (MSEs) in Jordan

Although Jordan’s economy is dominated by micro and small enterprises (MSEs), relatively little is known about them. To overcome this informational gap, USAID LENS conducted a survey of MSEs in 201...

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