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SME Startup & Entrepreneurship Workshop

Comprehending Entrepreneurship and SMEs Business Model
Understanding Driving Force and Golden Circle of the Business
Using Secondary Research in Assessing Macroeconomics and Sector Drivers

SME Startup & Entrepreneurship Workshop 4

Understand the Basic Financial Statements.
•Comprehend the Components of Financial Statements.
•Construct Basic Financial Statements.
•Understand Cash Flow.
•Understand Types of Costs.

SME Startup & Entrepreneurship Workshop 2

Secondary Market Research, Indicators that are examined through secondary market research,

SME Startup & Entrepreneurship Workshop 5

Understanding Major Gender Concepts
•Comprehend Gender Gap Analysis and Related Indicators
•Realize Opportunities & Challenges Facing SMEs.
•Understand Unpaid Care Work as a Challenge to Women

SME Startup & Entrepreneurship Workshop 6

Translating Business Plans to Action Plans Using SMART Goals
Preparing Financial Projections
Using Operating Cash Flow as the Primary Source of Repayment
Understanding Business Performance Im...


MICROFRANCHISING FOR SOCIAL IMPACT IN JORDAN is a report prepared by USAID LENS defining Micro-Franchising as an economic development tool, and how it could be applied in Jordan.

Mafraq Campus 2-pager (Arabic)

Short description of the GreenfieldCities youth business campus in Mafraq

Mafraq Campus 2-pager (English)

Short overview on the GreenfieldCities youth business campus project in Mafraq

Jordan Private Sector Survey: Gaining Insight and Un...

About the Private Sector Survey: USAID Jordan’s Monitoring and Evaluation Sup...

Midterm Performance Evaluation of Building Economic ...

This report presents findings, conclusions, and recommendations from the midterm performance
evaluation of the Building Economic Sustainability through Tourism (BEST) Activity in Jordan. BEST is