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SME DEVELOPMENT IN JORDAN, SME’s Definition and Features, SME’s in Jordan, SME’s Classifications in Jordan, SME's Main Challenges in Jordan, SME's Main Problems in Jordan, SME's related Law and Pol...

Budgeting for Proposals Training Material

This course aims at providing Jordanian CSOs & CBOs with the essential knowledge and practical skills to budget for projects that donors will want to support. This course combines training course a...

Project Design and Proposal Writing Training Material

This course combines training with hands-on mentoring to build a draft proposal, in addition to an optional day of live simulations that provides participants with a unique opportunity to present a...

CSOs Training Resources - Arabic

A number of resources for CSO capacity development and training curricula hav...

Video - M&E in Jordan

Snapshot of the M&E in Jordan.

Mentoring letter template

نموذج رسالة عن التوجيه الفردي

Mentoring assessment template

نموذج تقييم التوجيه الفردي

Pre-test template

الامتحان القبلي

Course description English

وصف الدورة باللغة الانجليزية

Post-Test template

الامتحان البعدي