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Labour Demands Forecast Research

The Research tackles “The Gap between Educational Outputs and Labour Market Demand in
Jordan”, which represents a Labour Market Forecast in three sectors, ICT, Health and Green
Energy Sectors”. I...

Beyond Quota Magazine-Third issue

Identity Center produces the 3rd issue of the Beyond Quota Magazine, which tackles the achievements of women in governance and shows the challenges women face as well as the solutions.

PVT report for the 2016 Elections

PVT report for the 2016 Elections

Social Justice in Jordan. A Toolkit for Youth Activism.

Social Justice in Jordan. A Toolkit for Youth Activism.

Brief: The Gulf Diplomatic Rift

A brief analysis on the diplomatic rift between Qatar and the GCC countries that happened in 2017

Beyond Quota Magazine - 4th issue

Identity Center publishes the 4th issue of the Beyond Quota Magazine which contents Jordanian seventeenth House of Representatives and the performance of female deputies in approval of 2014 budget ...

How Jordan’s Political Parties Pursue Social Justice

In August 2015, the Jordanian government introduced a landmark draft election law.
Reversing a quarter century of reliance on a single non-transferable voting system, the draft
law proposes the i...

ICEO Final Report 2016

Integrity Coalition Final Observation Report of the 2016 Parliamentary Elections in Jordan
Integrity Coalition is an election observation coalition of Jordanian CSOs led by the Identity Center For...

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