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Marketing and sales skills training

This training provides:
-Basic to moderate introduction to marketing and management process that includes (definitions, elements of each, and steps)
-The process of farmers selection

Testing the capacities of community based organizati...

Under the purpose of continuing the delivery of awareness sessions to the household community in this emerging quarantine times; the Institutional Strengthening (IS) team worked on drafting a respo...

Improving skills of field observers and influencers

This document serves as guidelines and tips on how to perform regular field farm audit to farms under the WIT project, measurements and calculations, convincing new farmers by explaining methods an...

Generic crop water requirements and crop coefficient...

This training workshop aims to enhance professional knowledge of the average crop water requirements to add an immediate value to their’ respective companies’ activities related to market consolida...

Developing financing products for drip irrigation sy...

Objectives of this short training is to:
-An introduction to the WIT project
-Serves as an introduction to modern irrigation systems
-An understanding of the available financing of irrigation sy...

Revolving loans guidance

This document is a detailed guidance on the revolving loans process in the WIT project; what are they, the goal of revolving loans, methods of micro financing and payment frequency. this documents ...

Marketing skills training using visual communication

This training includes the following topics:
- Marketing definition
- Managerial process
- Market selection
- Marketing elements
- Competitive advantage

Sales skills and farmers after sales services

The goal of this training material is to:
- increase knowledge in drip irrigation systems, become more involved in the sales process and improving sales methods.
- increase self confidence and sa...

وسائل التواصل الاجتماعي وخصائصها الفنية

Educate the targeted segment on using different social media platforms and how to build successful online marketing campaigns such as Facebook, WhatsApp; both theoretical and practical.

Water audit and evaluation of irrigation systems fro...

The goal of this water audit and evaluation of irrigation systems is to:
-Identify, quantify and verify water losses and costs.
-Identify water resource efficiency.
-Ensure most efficient use of...

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