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This gender analysis and assessment was prepared in preparation for the development of USAID's new Country Development Cooperation Strategy (CDCS) for 2020–2025 to inform the new CDCS and future pr...

Program Cycle Evaluation Quick Guide 2016

This Document gives quick guide on Evaluation Definition and its roles in each element

Program Cycle Activity Design Quick Guide 2016

The document defines Activity Design and how to Planning an activity, Designing an Activity, also Managing An activity

Program Cycle Strategy Quick Guide 2016

This document illustrates the strategy planning process which includes Developing a strategy, Implementation and making a strategy

Program Cycle Project Design Quick Guide 2016

This guide for Project Design includes Project design concept and how to plan, Design, Manage a project

Program Cycle Monitoring Quick Guide 2016

The quick guide clarifies the approaches of Monitoring and other elements to include in Monitoring

Program Cycle Fact Sheet 2016

The Program Cycle fact includes Principles to support successful implementation of the program cycle, Also Program Cycle components

Documenting PIRS & Introduction into DQA for IP staff

This workshop will provide an overview of the purpose and specific content of the USAID/Jordan IP PIRS template with specific guidance for completing key sections of the template. This guidance wi...

Developing Activity Monitoring & Evaluation Plan Wor...

This workshop focuses on how to develop and/or review an IP Activity M&E Plan to determine whether or not the plan meets USAID/Jordan’s reporting needs and the COR/AOR’s management needs. The conte...

2016 USAID ADS Quick Guides

This collection includes several Quick Guides on ADS

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USAID/Jordan Monitoring ...

Technical and advisory services USAID/Jordan an...