In 2018, the USAID Monitoring and Evaluation Support Project (MESP) conducted a nationally representative survey in Jordan. Sample size for the survey was 11.963. The survey was designed to support USAID/Jordan learning and decision making by providing a better understanding of the broader context in which projects and activities are implemented, explore determinants of performance indicator performance, and to provide implementing partners data useful for their activity planning and implementation. The survey provides critical data on key international economic and social development indicators, and data relevant to USAID program performance indicators and learning agenda questions.

The survey was implemented by MESP’s local partner Mindset between June and September 2018. In total, the team completed 11,963 valid interviews achieving a 95% confidence level and a +/-5 margin of error overall. The survey produced an overall response rate of 76%, which is significantly higher than the global average for surveys.

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The General Population Survey Presentation contains an overview of key findings from the 2019 General Population Survey. The slides specifically focus on findings that provided added context on Jordan’s Journey to Self Reliance
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The General Population Survey Report presents findings of the 2018 Jordan General Population Survey. This report begins with an overview of the survey methodology and moves to a summary of key findings. The report then reviews the survey data relevant to Jordan’s Journey to Self Reliance and USAID’s Journey to Self Reliance metrics. The remaining sections of the report cover seven development themes that are particularly relevant to USAID/Jordan. 1) Democracy, Human Rights and Governance 2) Economic Development and Energy 3) Education 4) Population and Family Health 5) Water Resources and Environment 6) Youth 7) Gender
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Gen Pop Learning Agenda Analysis

This document outlines summary findings from the exploration of a learning agenda using General Population Survey data. Learning agenda questions and summary responses include: What are the factors that help determine unemployment or entrepreneurship? What are the greatest impediments to Jordanians starting new businesses?
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General Population Survey Methodology Report

The original sample size of the survey was 12,000 interviews distributed across the 12 governorates in the Kingdom. A team of 100 enumerators and 25 supervisors collected data for the survey. In total, the survey had a response rate of 76%, which is significantly higher than the global average for surveys. The average interview duration was 35 minutes. The sample was proportionally divided to reflect the population of each governorate. Sample weights were also developed to make the data representative of the population in Jordan. Preparation for the survey began in February 2018 and fieldwork started on June 26, 2018 and was completed on September 16, 2018.
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