USAID 2018 MEL Conference - Self Reliance and Sustainability


This is a collection of resources for the third annual USAID MEL conference, which was organized by the USAID/Jordan Monitoring and Evaluation Support Project (MESP) under the theme of “Self-reliance and Sustainability” at the Sheraton Hotel in Amman and included an Expo showcasing the work of 25 USAID activities and partner organizations, expert panel discussions, and technical breakout sessions.

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2018 MEL Conference Agenda

2018 MEL Conference Agenda (Self-Reliance and Sustainability)
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Breakout Sessions Descriptions

2018 MEL Conference - Breakout Sessions Descriptions
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Speakers Biographies

2018 MEL Conference Speakers Biographies
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Measuring Sustainability- Water Management Initiative Project (WMI)

The ultimate goal of development cooperation must be to enable developing countries to devise and implement their own solutions to key development challenges and to develop resilience against shocks and other setbacks. Sustainability is about building skills, knowledge, institutions and incentives that can make development processes self-sustaining. Sustainability cannot be an afterthought—it must be incorporated from the start when preparing a program or project.”
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The Health Care Accreditation Council's Journey to SUSTAINABILITY

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Self-Reliance and Sustainability - Al Hayat Center

Self-Reliance and Sustainability_ Al Hayat Center
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King Hussein Foundation's Journey to SELF-RELIANCE AND SUSTAINABILITY

The Road to Self-reliance and Sustainability 1. Capacity Building and Transfer of Knowledge 2. LEGACY – Intermediary institution for sub-granting according to USAID rules and regulations
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Data for Action - RAMP

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Enhancing Jordan's Tourism Industry Success - BEST

Self-reliance and Sustainability Features: On-the-job coaching and support Internally driven Highly participatory Creating team work Increasing accountability Enhancing strategic thinking Leadership commitment Advanced training for 10 EFQM assessors
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Self Reliance and Sustainability USAID Jordan Work with Youth

The M&E Apprenticeship Program addresses this development challenge through a 6-month practicum-based capacity building program, currently implemented by INTEGRATED.
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International Youth Foundation_BADIR

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Create Luck in Development- TAKAMOL

Sustainability of Digital Interventions: Educate youth how to create and curate content Continue to negotiate what youth understand Encourage learning and creation of social connections (on and offline) Digital/ offline interventions Maintain digital literacy Assess impact (beyond four months) Educate youth how to create and curate content Continue to negotiate what youth understand Encourage learning and creation of social connections (on and offline) Digital/ offline interventions Maintain digital literacy Assess impact (beyond four months)
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Reflections and Looking Ahead - USAID MESP

Conference Demographics and Sustainability ,Self Reliance Themes and Learning and Reflections: Panel & Breakout Discussions
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Breakout Session Community Based GIS Monitoring and Evaluation

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Data Disaggeration and Crosstabulation MS EXCEL VS MS ACCESS

Disaggregations are a way of further breaking down your indicator definitions into meaningful categories and reporting data against those categories.
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Breakout Session-Data Disaggregation handout MS Access Crosstab

A crosstab query is a type of select query. When you run a crosstab query, the results display in a datasheet that has a different structure from other types of datasheets. The structure of a crosstab query can make it easier to read than a simple select query that displays the same data, as shown in the following illustration.
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Breakout Session-Data_Disaggregation handout MS Exce Pivot Table

Pivot tables are one of Excel's most powerful features. A pivot table allows you to extract the significance from a large, detailed data set.
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Break Out Session - Demographic Dividend: ACHIEVING THE HOPE SCENARIO FOR JORDAN

The change in the age structure of the population pyramid. Appears when the working age population (15 – 64 years) starts to outgrow the number of dependents population (people under the age of 15 and above the age of 64 years).
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Break Out Session -The DHS Program Demographic and Health Surveys

DHS(Demographic and Health Surveys) Program:is a project that provides, at the global level, assistance to developing countries in the areas of Collection and use of data to monitor and evaluate population, health, and nutrition programs.
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Break Out Session - Gender in Evaluation - Global Evaluation Community

The global Partnership to promote the demand,supply and use of equity focused and gender responsive evaluations
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Break Out Session -The Role of M&E in Grantmaking: Finding the Balance

MEL is Embedded in USAID Program Cycle Principles: - Apply Analytic Rigor to Support Evidence-based Decision-Making. -Manage Adaptively through Continuous Learning
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Break Out Session -Advanced Business Intelligence Tools for Busy MEL Staff : Microsoft Power BI, & Excel Vs Access

Session Objectives: Create interactive reports and visuals using Microsoft Power BI Understand how to tell the story behind their data by going through real reports examples from HRH2030 and other sources.
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Break Out Session - Qualitative Data Analysis & Coding

DATA ANALYSIS IS SUBJECTIVE: Need to acknowledge your own biases when doing analysis Different people can analyze the same data and come up with different findings! Might see a trend you like and keep it even if it isn’t supported by data We all look for certain things You may have an idea of what’s true but then see evidence in the data that has entirely the opposite finding! No coincidence that studies funded by oil companies show no evidence of climate change vs studies funded by climate change activists! Quality of analysis is based largely on the quality of the data collection tools.
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Break Out Session -Integrating Monitoring and Evaluation into a Management Framework For Scaling Up

Traditional M&E’s focus is implementation and impact at the project level, not assessing progress towards, informing strategy on, or actively supporting movement towards sustainable, population-level service delivery and results
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Breakout Session-The Journey to Self- Reliance:The Self- Reliance Metrics

Self-Reliance:The ability of a country to plan, finance, and implement solutions to its own development challenges
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Breakout Session - Wadi Rum Nature Reserve

تتميز منطقة وادي رم البالغة مساحتها ( 720 ) كيلو متر مربع بمناظرها الصحراوية الطبيعية المتنوعة والملونة بالإضافة الى النقوش والكتابات والاثار التي تعود الى اكثر من 12000 سنة من التفاعل البشري مع البيئة والطبيعة . كما ان وجود اكثر من ( 25000) نقش صخري تعتبر شاهدا حيا على تطور الفكر البشري وتطور المبكر للحروف الابجدية كما توثق تطور الانشطة الرعوية والزراعية والحضرية في المنطقة .
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Breakout Session- Status of Women in Jordan

According to the 2017 Global Gender Gap Report that benchmarks 144 countries on their progress towards gender parity across four thematic dimensions: Economic Participation, Educational Attainment, Health and Survival, and Political Empowerment - Jordan was ranked 135/144
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Video - M&E in Jordan

Snapshot of the M&E in Jordan.
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2018 MEL Conference Photos

USAID 2018 MEL Conference Photos
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Handout - Power BI as Ready Business Intelligence and Data Visualization tool

Breakout Session: Advanced business intelligence tools for busy MEL staff; MICROSOFT POWER BI, & Excel vs Access
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Video of Scaling Up Workshop by Larry Cooley

Scaling Up Workshop by Larry Cooley
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