Family Planning and Reproductive Health among Syrian Married Women of Reproductive Age


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Rana AlZoubi, Carla White

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Placeholder Image Jordan Communication, Advocacy and Policy (JCAP)
(Lubna Al-Weshah )

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Tags: Population surveys Technical Document Family planning

Technical brief on JCAP's research on FP/RH among Syrian MWRA refugees in Jordan. The brief summarizes JCAP's population-based survey on knowledge, attitudes of Syrian MWRA in Jordan and the literature review of recent documents on the FP/RH status of Syrian refugees living outside camps, including child marriage and other aspects of gender-based violence. (Both JCAP studies are available on the Rep Cap database. “Family Planning among Syrian Refugees in Jordan” and the “Knowledge, Attitudes, and Practices toward FP/RH among Syrian MWRA").

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