Field Assessment of Domestic Solar Water Heaters

Tags: Water transportation Energy conservation Evaluation Report

This report contains detailed data and analysis about the level of cold-water losses (CWL) from solar water heaters (SWH) before the hot water reaches the end user in different types of residential units in Amman. The findings of this report are based on the thorough analysis of a survey conducted by EcoSol. For this purpose, a representative sample of 155 residential units was visited by the EcoSol team in order to evaluate the installed solar water-heating system and to measure the cold-water losses at the most distant shower head. The measurement and findings showed that the average CWL for families who live at the first equivalent-floor level is 197 liters per week, while it was 186 liters per week for families who live at the second equivalent-floor level; and for families who live at the third equivalent-floor level, the average weekly CWL was 289 liters.

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