Hashmiah VTI Assessment Report  

Hashmiah VTI is in the Al Zarqa Governorate; it has only male trainees and has 29 staff.
The VTI has 13 Workshops, 4 classrooms, 1 Computer Lab.
The Operational Capacity is 252; Absorptive Capacity is 400 and it currently has 484 trainees.
The VTI has programs in the following majors: 1. Shirt and Trousers Tailor, 2. Barber, 3 Autobody Repairer, 4. Aluminum Profile Products Fabricator, 5. Furniture Upholsterer, 6. Auto Electrician,7. Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Mechanic, 8. Plumber/Installation of Central Heating Systems/Hot Water, 9. Carpentry, 10. Welding &Metal Fabrication, 11. Auto Mechanic, 12. Domestic Wiring Electrician, and 13. Industrial Equipment Maintenance Mechanic.
The outcomes of the assessment visits have been collated into four main categories;
1. Philosophy, Objectives and Finance
2. Organisation, Administration and Staffing
3. Infrastructure, Workshops and Learning Resources
4. Training Programs and Student (Trainee) Services.