Training for Employment Activity (TEA) End of Project Evaluation Report by Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning Activity

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The purpose of the Training for Employment Activity (TEA) was to train and employ youth in Jordan by upscaling an employment platform based on updated information about labor market needs, direct private sector links, and the ability to train job seekers for available vacancies. USAID selected three implementing partners, Luminus Technical University College, Education for Employment- Jordan, and Technical Vocational Training Academy, for the Activity.
This evaluation was intended to learn from this modality of using three commercial contracts to match labor supply with demand that may inform USAID’s future interventions relative to workforce development. This report presents the findings, conclusions, and recommendations of the team
commissioned by USAID to conduct an end-of-project evaluation of the Training for Employment Activity, implemented by three implementing partners (IPs): Education for Employment - Jordan (EFEJordan) – contract number 72027218C00003; Luminus Technical University College (LTUC) – contract number 72027218C00004; and The Technical Vocational Training Academy (TVTA) –contract number 72027218C00005.

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