Tags: Employment Economic growth and development Assessment

The purpose of this report is to understand the economic impact of LED in Jordan, and in
particular, the LED support provided by CITIES since 2016. Specifically, this report seeks to
address the following overarching questions:
1. What are the Jordanian and international comparative experiences of investing in LED,
and to what extent can these interventions contribute to the creation of employment and/or
contribute to sustainable Gross Domestic Product (GDP) growth in Jordan?
2. What are the specific economic and financial benefits and costs to implementation of LED
nationwide in Jordan? What are the micro- and macro-economic benefits and challenges
related to investing in LED opportunities identified through USAID/CITIES’s LED?
3. Of LED opportunities identified by USAID/CITIES through its activities, which type of
opportunities are the most likely to result in economic growth, e.g., investments, ownsource
revenue, and the creation of jobs, in local communities?

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