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With support from the British Embassy in Amman, REACH undertook assessments in Jordanian host communitieswith the objective to develop a better understanding of the dynamics that have emerged in these communities as a result of the Syrian refugee crisis, and to support an evidence-based approach to prioritizing interventions within and between communities. REACH applied a three steps methodology designed to sharpen the understanding of the context both in terms of geographical focus and depth of data. Firstly, macro-level assessment at a community level is conducted this assessment includes information through focus groups discussions and key information interviews. Secondly, micro-level assessment collecting information through household interviews is conducted by REACH team to provide in-depth analysis of trends, needs and access to key services. Finally, a thematic assessment can be conducted by REACH team is information is needed on a specific sector (e.g. youth employment). The findings from this assessment are available in a Preliminary Baseline Report and a comprehensive final report will be shortly released.

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