Small And Growing Business Program Completion Report

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The “Waste Management and Recycling Acceleration Training Program for Small and Growing
Businesses in the Recycling Sector in Amman” (referred to as “The SGBs Program”) is part of the
USAID Recycling in Jordan efforts to enhance the competitiveness of waste management service
providers in Jordan.
The training aims to strengthen the capacity of small and growing businesses in the areas of industry
analysis and evaluation, marketing and sales, business modeling, supply chain optimization, solid waste
management characterization and basic feasibility assessment, process mapping and operations, quality
assurance and quality control, financial knowledge and literacy, and practical - solid waste management
characterization, and sorting techniques. The training will help these businesses grow and expand their
recycling service offerings to the market and realize a sustainable profitable recycling business model.
This will help realize the sector’s national objective of decreasing the amount of waste reaching the
landfill through a modern and integrated system that will be based on the “Three R's” approach
(Reduce - Reuse – Recycle).
This report highlights the approach and findings of the implementation of the Activity’s first business
training cohort as well as recommendations for the existing and future cohorts.

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