Success Story: Empowering Voices, Enabling Change: Bringing Government Employees One Step Closer to Gender Equality in the Workplace


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Placeholder Image The Gender Equality and Female Empowerment Project (TAKAMOL)
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The Gender Equality and Female Empowerment Project (TAKAMOL)

Tags: Government and law Gender Employment Development strategies

Despite the progress of gender equality in government institutions, the Jordanian public sector’s commitment
to gender equity and equal opportunity has room for improvement. Government institutions still face
challenges in incorporating gender equity into long-term strategies, budgets, and short-term plans. Due to the
vital importance of institutional commitment towards gender equity and equal opportunity, USAID Takamol
has adopted a three-phase participatory gender audit approach to support the government in addressing
gender issues and provide a framework for Jordanian public institutions. This approach empowers employees
to assess the state of gender equity and equality in the workplace and contribute to the development of
strategies to improve it.

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