USAID/Jordan Quarterly Report Template for Implementing Partners

Tags: Communications Guidelines and Procedures Technical Document Template

Monitoring and Evaluation Support Project (MESP) supported the Program Office (PRO) at the Mission to develop a proposed template to help guide Implementing Partners (IPs) in developing their Quarterly Reports (QRs). As with the Mission’s Activity M&E Plan template, the QR template is not intended to be a mandated format for reports. Instead, it is meant to provide guidance on how IPs may want to structure their reports in order to improve the transfer of information in key areas between the activity, Mission managers, and other stakeholders.

As part of the development of the template, feedback and suggestions from IPs were used to shape the recommended content and format as well as the specific guidance for the template’s use. In so doing, the template is structured to standardize reporting trends across activities, sector and IPs, and includes certain sections that can be adapted or omitted to best meet Activity and reporting needs.

The template is intended to be a useful starting point in meeting USAID reporting standards by providing specific guidance designed to clarify reporting expectations and purposes, while more effectively supporting IPs to share the successes, challenges, and progress of their Activity during the quarter.

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