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Silsal Marketing Plan

Part of SABEQ’s support to the members of the Business & Professional Women – Amman [BPW-A] in developing comprehensive marketing plans.Silsal ceramics was started in 1991 as a social development p...

JGate Multi Media Presentation

The USA clothing industry is going through a period of profound change. The elimination of
quotas has led to intense competition from manufacturers in low cost countries. As a result,
retail buye...

Assessment on Current Pricing on Pharmaceutical Sector

Pharmaceuticals production is one of Jordan’s largest and most significant industries,
generating almost 20% of the country’s GDP from manufacturing.
The pharmaceuticals industry's importance als...

Firm Level Management and Technical Assistance to Mo...

MonoJo was established in 2005 as a private shareholding company, focused on developing
and producing monoclonal antibodies for cancer diagnostics, targeting local and regional
markets. Currently...

Jordan Forum for Business Professional Women Incubator

Economic development is intimately tied to the level of entrepreneurial activity within
a country. In well-developed economies, small and medium enterprises (SMEs)
constitute between 50% and 70% ...

The U.S Mortgage Market :The Good,The Bad And The Ugly

Home ownership in the United States has flourished in part because of the availability
of mortgage loans that can be paid off with relatively low monthly payments over 20 to 30
years. Large amoun...

A Study of Consumer Behavior in the South

The domestic trade sector (wholesale and retail trade and maintenance of vehicles) is an
important economic sector in Jordan, contributing to about 10% of GDP. The domestic trade
sector is among ...

Handicrafts Assessment and Inventory in Irbid and Al...

An assessment of handicrafts being currently produced in Irbid and Karak has
been carried out. 13 questionnaires have been filled based on the questions
outlined in the questionnaire that prepare...

Excellence Insurance Strategic Review

This report reviews the mandate, mission, performance, and strategic direction of
Excellence, Inc. (EXI) a not-for-profit company based in Amman Jordan, and
presents possible changes and courses ...

Preliminatry Assessment for JLGC and Development Cre...

Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) play a significant role in Jordan. They are the
driving force behind innovation and motivation. At the current time, there are two SME loan
guarantee pro...

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