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USAID Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning Activity

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CLA Training Presentation

CLA Training Material

National Strategy and Indicator Alignment Tracker

To assess the alignment of USAID/Jordan Gender Equality and Social Inclusion (GESI) activities with the priorities identified in the Government of Jordan (GoJ) reform strategies, specifically the N...

GEWE Indicators Learning Brief

This short brief aims to map the USAID PMP indicators as well as custom indicators relevant to gender equality and women’s empowerment (GE/WE) incorporated into the IPs’ MEL plans. The Short Brief ...

Final Presentation PPT

The final Presentation presents key findings (common GESI trends and challenges, GE/WE indicators in use and what they capture and what they omit, national policy alignment with national indicators...

Validation Workshop PPT

The Validation Workshop PowerPoint presentation provides the USAID Gender Team with a data walk, discussing preliminary findings and any challenges.

USAID Graphic Standards Manual Arabic

USAID Graphic Standards Manual

GESI Common Trends and Challenges Dashboard

To display common trends and challenges by GESI Domain, the common trends and challenges captured through a review of USAID/Jordan GESI analyses, and interviews with USAID/Jordan IPs.

GESI Analysis Rubric

To ensure that USAID IPs are following clear steps in implementing GESI Analysis tasks or projects that require short-term and long-term planning, feedback, and consistency, through a rubric that o...

GESI Analysis Learning Brief

This Learning Brief aims to consolidate and document key learnings and their implications to guide USAID/Jordan Activities moving forward. These learning will support Activities who have completed ...

GESI Analyses Synthesis Cover Page

A comprehensive document containing all learning products and their respective purposes is available, which includes links to the corresponding resources.

GESI Consolidated Efforts

GESI Consolidated Efforts which includes Learning Products, its purposes, ass...

Data-Driven Development Working Group Launch and Ses...

The USAID Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning Activity (MELA) on September 2...

USAID/Jordan IP Factsheets 2023

The collection contains factsheets for USAID/Jordan IPs for the year 2023

General Population Survey II with Slide decks notes

In 2017, USAID/Jordan commissioned a large-scale survey of Jordanian adults, ...


General Population Survey II

In 2017, USAID/Jordan commissioned a large-scale survey of Jordanian adults, ...

Sampling Methodology Training Material

Sampling Methodology Training Material

Planning and Facilitation Pause and Reflect Sessions...

This training is designed to :
1- Improve Implementing partners’/ participan...

New Advanced Training Visualization for MEL Workshop

New Advanced Training Visualization for MEL Workshop

Data Visualization webinars Arabic

خلال هذه التدريب سنقدم المعرفة النظرية والعملية عن كيفية إنشاء صور بيانية صحي...

2023 MEL Conference and Expo

2023 MEL Conference and Expo

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