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USAID Mission in Jordan

Strengthening Health Outcomes through the Private Se...

Research and material developed by the Strengthening Health Outcomes through ...

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  • USAID/Jordan (Kenana Amin)

Jordan Renaissance Plan 2019-2020

A Government of Jordan plan outlining government's priorities for the next two years around enhancing productivity, the state of law and solidarity.

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  • Issued on 2018.
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  • USAID/Jordan (Kenana Amin)

Updated Graphic Standards Manual and Partner Co-Bran...

Updated Graphic Standards Manual and Partner Co-Branding Guide as of 2016

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  • Issued on 2016.
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  • USAID/Jordan (Reem Omar)

Jordan’s Refugee Crisis - Paper - 2015 - ALEXANDRA F...

This report was published by Carnegie Endowment for International Peace in 2015. It provides a historical background on Jordan. It mainly discusses the effect of the Syrian Refugee Crisis on the Ki...

2nd Report on Misstow Web-site Activities - 2012 - M...

Ag & Env Review

Jordan 2025: A National Vision and Strategy

A blueprint to guide Jordan's national economy over 10 years.

USAID Nutrition Landscape Analysis for Jordan

A landscape analysis, conducted by USAID/Jordan, for the nutrition situation in Jordan to identify nutrition-related gaps, opportunities, and priorities.

Takamol Mid-Term Performance Evaluation

Takamol Gender Program was designed to support USAID/Jordan’s Special Development Objective #4: Gender Equality and Female Empowerment Enhanced. This mid-term evaluation was designed to provide USA...

Jordan Country Development Cooperation Strategy 2013...

This is an amendment to the approved Country Development Cooperation Strategy (CDCS) for
USAID/Jordan. The purpose of this amendment is to revise contextual information that has
changed, particul...

Strategic Assessment: 2019 Project Pipeline for Jord...

A strategic assessment by the World Bank of the 2019 GOJ Pipeline of Projects.