Activity Monitoring and Evaluation Plan Course Outline

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Activity Monitoring and Evaluation Plan course outline.

When the Mission prepares for portfolio reviews, the Performance Plan Report (PPR), and other reporting requests, they rely heavily on data from implementing partners (IPs) at the activity level. In order for the Mission to assess progress toward the CDCS Goals and our Development Objectives, CORs and AORs need USAID partners to provide them with accurate information for appropriate indicators. The content and structure of IP AMEPs can vary from partner to partner, especially in Jordan where USAID has been very successful in integrating local Jordanian development organizations into the Mission’s Portfolio. In order to ensure that Mission activity managers can rely on IP AMEPs and resulting data reporting for effective management, these plans should include certain indicators, narrative, and other information in standardized formats that correspond to USAID best practices and templates.
This workshop focuses on how to develop and/or review an IP Activity M&E Plan to determine whether or not the plan meets USAID/Jordan’s reporting needs and the COR/AOR’s management needs. The content and examples used in the workshop are adapted from real-life examples, including common problems with indicators and missing AMEP elements that the Mission has recently encountered. The workshop has an interactive design, and participants are encouraged to ask questions and share their own experiences working with their M&E Plans and USAID Mission staff. Participants will have the opportunity to review current drafts of a sample AMEP template and the USAID/Jordan AMEP review guide, which they can take with them for reference and future use.

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