Labor Force Profile of Ma'an Development Area


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The Ma‟an Development Area (MDA) is the only development zone in the South of Jordan
which is regulated by the Development Zones Commission (DZC). The MDA has achieved
excellent investment results in a relatively short period of operations.
The labor aspects of Ma‟an represent a major challenge to the MDA and the potential
investors, which is why the Ma‟an Development Company (MDC) is interested in labor force
profile indicators as a planning and promotional tool.
Dajani Consulting prepared the labor force profile based on the methodology used in other
development areas. The labor profile consists of:
 Data analysis of a sample of workforce in Ma‟an, collected using a customized
survey tool.
 Data collected from potential projects/investors during interviews with key persons, in
addition to conceptual designs and plans of future projects to be introduced in MDA.

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