Testing the capacities of community based organizations to conduct remote awareness sessions

Tags: Civil society Organizations Training Material

Under the purpose of continuing the delivery of awareness sessions to the household community in this emerging quarantine times; the Institutional Strengthening (IS) team worked on drafting a response plan in participation with the household (HH) and Jordan River Foundation (JRF) teams. This plan aims at indicating new methods of maintaining the delivery of water saving practices and technologies messages to the community that was previously provided by the CBOs through regular awareness sessions.
Based on what previously stated, it was decided to start with a rapid assessment to test the capacities of the targeted CBOs to conduct online awareness sessions (remotely) through using social media and online applications and programs; to accurately define the optimal approach that can be best applied by the CBOs to keep conducting their assigned sessions. In addition, this assessment will offer an answer to what specific technology or online programs or apps the CBOs use, their level of activeness on the online platforms and the level of skills they have/ need in order to be capable to deliver online sessions to the households.

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