Aqaba community and economic development (ACED) program : gender assessment report


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Aqaba Economic and Community Development Project II (ACED)

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The purpose of this gender assessment was to provide the Aqaba Community and
Economic Development (ACED) Program with a gender analysis of the overall program
and its three program components: (1) Strengthened Government Institutions, (2)
Strengthened Private Sector and (3) Enhanced Community Development. The scope of
work specified that the Gender Specialist, Ms. Susan Somach, would work closely with
ACED Program management and staff to assess the level of gender integration within the
ACED Program, outline the main areas where gender and/or other issues exist, and
formulate detailed recommendations on how gender considerations could be integrated
into the project work plan across all program components. As part of the in-county
portion of the assessment, Ms. Somach also conducted a four-hour introductory gender
and development training for the entire ACED staff.

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