Hakama VTI Assessment Report  

Hakama VTI is in the Irbid Governorate; it has only male trainees and has 58 staff.
The VTI has 14 Workshops, 7 classrooms, 2 Computer Labs.
The Operational Capacity is 285; Absorptive Capacity is 365 and it currently has 488 trainees.
The VTI has programs in the following majors: Vehicle Electrician. Light Auto Mechanic. Lathe Setter Operator. Barber. Aluminum Profile Products Fabricator. Plumber. Furniture Carpentry. Steel Profile Products Fabricator. Domestic Wiring Electrician. Air-conditioning Mechanic. Computer Technical support. Western pastry Chef. Oriental pastry Chef. Gypsum Mould Decoration Maker. Vehicle body Repairer. The outcomes of the assessment visits have been collated into four main categories;
1. Philosophy, Objectives and Finance
2. Organisation, Administration and Staffing
3. Infrastructure, Workshops and Learning Resources
4. Training Programs and Student (Trainee) Services.