Community of Practice Sessions (Evaluating Youth Programs)


Community of Practice sessions that were held in 23th of September 2018

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Assessment of Public Perceptions towards Decentralization, Qualitative Research Study

Ahead of the municipal and governorate council elections in August 2017, this study aimed to establish the problems and priorities currently facing Jordanians in their governorates, to assist the elected bodies with the prioritization of problems and/or solutions, as well as to assess the general attitudes and outlooks towards the decentralization process. Forty-eight (48) focus groups across all twelve governorates were conducted to collect relevant data. A total of 338 individuals, males and females, participated in the focus groups in the age brackets 18-34.
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Assessing the broader youth environment in Jordan

a report by UNESCO Amman Office, within the framework of Networks for Mediterranean Youth project funded by the EU, in collaboration with the Development Centre of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) and Tammey for Human Development.
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Evaluating Youth Interventions

This guide provides basic set of concepts and tools needed to make informed decisions about how to evaluate programs that aim to support youth livelihood interventions (training, public service, entrepreneurship, and financial services).
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Monitoring & Evaluation for Jobs Operations

The ‘Jobs M&E Toolkit’ provides a package of resources for project teams and clients working with government counterparts with simple tools for data collection on jobs, without the burden of resource-intensive survey efforts. The toolkit contains a set of guidance on indicators for key results on jobs, data collection forms and manuals, which are tailored by beneficiary type: individuals and firms.
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Jordan National Youth Assessment

The results of the assessment are intended to support the design of programs that follow USAID’s “Youth in Development Policy” with an “intentional, ongoing process of assisting youth in their transition from childhood into adulthood.”
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Marginalized Youth: Toward an Inclusive Jordan

This policy briefing explores the impact of political, social, and economic marginalization on Jordan’s youth. It urges the government, leaders, and international donors in Jordan to direct more resources to youth programs and policies that foster youth political inclusion, promote civic engagement, and support young people in their transition from school to work.
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Longitudnal Study with Students
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Making Learning Count: Effective Monitoring and Evaluation of Youth Employment Programs in The Arab World

This report objectives are to (1) contribute to the knowledge and learning around “what works” in youth employment and how organizations can contribute to this knowledge base and (2) to provide important insight on how the knowledge base can be expanded by strengthening learning and accountability across organizations and programs, large and small.
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Measuring success of youth livelihood interventions

This guide provides basic set of concepts and tools needed to make informed decisions about how to evaluate programs that aim to support youth livelihood interventions (training, public service, entrepreneurship, and financial services).
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11. Youth Compass

The Youth Compass is a first-of-kind guide has been developed by Youth Power Action to increase implementers’ abilities to achieve intended results of a youth activity (also referred to as a youth project or youth program), bring those results to scale and sustain them. The compass, a timeless instrument for navigation and orientation, both represents and operationalizes the Youth Compass’ strategic process. The Youth Compass has been pilot-tested in two USAID youth activities, one in Jordan and the other in Indonesia. The outcomes and resulting feedback from these pilots were used to refine and strengthen the guide.
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Positive Youth Development Measurement Tooklit

This toolkit provides implementers of youth programming a variety of references, resources, and tools on how to use a positive youth development (PYD) approach for evaluating youth-focused programming. A PYD approach to evaluation will measure whether youth are positively engaged in and benefiting from investments that ultimately empower them to develop in healthy and positive ways so that they can contribute to the development of their communities.
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Summary of the Final Performance Evaluation of The Youth for The Future (Y4F) Project

The purpose of this performance evaluation carried out by the Monitoring and Evaluation Support Project (MESP) is to assess the process, methodologies, and outcomes of Phase II of the Youth for the Future (Y4F) project and to measure the sustainability of the achievements related to project beneficiaries.
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Youth in Development, Realizing the Demographic Opportunity

The objectives of this policy are to: 1. Strengthen youth programming, participation and partnership in support of Agency development objectives. 2. Mainstream and integrate youth issues and engage young people across Agency initiatives and operations.
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Youth Evaluation Longitudinal Youth Evaluation

In this session: YouthPower activity overview YouthPower M&E methods, practices and approaches YouthPower longitudinal youth evaluation Challenges in conducting youth-specific MEL, and how to overcome these challenges
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