CIS Evaluations for Al Qantra,JREDS & Phenix


Final CIS Evaluations for Al Qantara, JREDS & Phenix

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Al Qantara CIS Evaluation Final Feb 2017

This report represents the findings from the independent evaluation for Qantara for Human Resource Development. Qantara is a beneficiary of the societies Empowerment Fund under USAID CIS.The evaluation aims to provide CIS and Qantara with overall Feedback on Qantara's performance vis-s-vis stated goals,as well as feed the Qantara's strategic process,capturing perceptions,intents and outcomes of Qantara's activities among key stakeholders including USAID CIS,Qantara Staff,partners,beneficiaries,community members ,municipalities and partnering renewable energy companies
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Phenix Center CIS Grant Evaluation on Enhancing Trade Unions Aug 2018

To enhance the role of the newly established trade unions in democratic processes and transition through building their capacities to be efficient,effective and democratic.In addition the project aims to enhance trade unions right to association by advocating for constitutional changes and revising the law.
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JREDS CIS ICZM Grant Evaluation Final Aug 2018

USAID CIS awarded the royal Marine Conservation society of Jordan (JREDS) a two-phased grant for the total amount of 190,806.3 jd's to implement the Integrated Coastal Zone management. USAID CIS contracted with an external evaluator to carry out the evaluation of the ICZM project implemented from June 2015 till February 2018
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