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Cities Implementing Transparent, Innovative, and Effective Solutions Activity (USAID CITIES)

Folder to include all submitted and approved success stories that highlight the achievements of USAID CITIES team in the ground

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Al Dhulail Gathers Us Festival

USAID CITIES Support Al-Dhulail Gathers Us Festival to promote Community Cohesion and Resiliance
Other      Added April 10th, 2018 11:01

Municipal Financial Training

USAID CITIES provides Municipalities with necessary Financial Training that changed municipal staff perspective and impact their budget efficiency
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Partnership with Local Organizations Expands Reach of Awareness Sessions

CITIES partnering with local organization to expand reach of awareness sessions about decentralization
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Service delivery Improvement Plan

CITIES Team in cooperation with all targeted municipalities develops service delivery improvement plan
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French Agency for Development Loan

CITIES helped the Ministry of Municipal Affairs access the French loan by providing training on finance to all municipalities
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Inherited knowledge: how educated generations emanate from cohesive societies

Through a CITIES established municipal network many resources and voluntary work arise to help communities attain to their needs
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Drawing a Road map for Local Government’s Gender Advocacy

CITIES Drawing a Road map for Local Government’s Gender Advocacy
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CITIES Staff contribute to the monitoring and evaluation efforts in Jordan and the Middle East
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Ghour Al-Safi Turning Challenges into Opportunities

Through CITIES outreach tool sessions with the community, Ghour Safi initiated ideas that capitalize on local resources
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Inducing Change Through USAID-MOMA Knowledge Partnership

Partnering with MOMA Staff, CITIES were able to share knowledge the ensure sustainability for years to come
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Jordan’s Local Governments Empowered to Meet Community Needs

(CITIES) Project is helping local governments build trust with people by engaging the municipalities and their communities in locally formed networks across the country
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For a Better Jordan

CITIES created an enabling environment that are better equipped to respond to national and local initiatives.
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Fostering Collaboration, USAID Helps Government of Jordan Secure Nation-wide Loan

To improve the overall Jordanian national economy, as well as support the municipal finance sector, the French Development Agency (AFD) approved a Sector Policy Loan (SPL) on October 20, 2016. The SPL came in response to a request by the Government of Jordan for financial support to municipalities, but included conditions represented by the implementation of a set of Government actions that would serve as “triggers to release funding from the SPL. As part of their ongoing support to the Ministry of Municipal Affairs (MoMA), USAID-CITIES Project worked with the AFD and the World Bank to assist the Ministry in achieving the triggers related to the SPL.
Other      Added January 28th, 2019 12:48

Drawing a Roadmap for Local Government’s Gender Advocacy

Providing a voice to all members of society is a global challenge for political leaders. In Jordan, as the new decentralization law is being implemented, local governments are seeking opportunities to better integrate gender perspectives, adopting the needs and priorities of both men and women to promote inclusive, friendly, and sustainable towns and cities. The USAID CITIES project is working with the Government of Jordan to achieve sustainable gender inclusivity
Other      Added January 28th, 2019 12:51

Jordan’s First M&E Association Reaps USAID’s years of Leadership

The United States Agency for International Development in Jordan has been a cynosure of monitoring, evaluation, and learning within the international donor community as a leader for development projects. Through USAID’s professional record of best practices in this area, M&E has become Jordan’s ever-expanding critical tool for results-oriented management by professionals from governmental, non-governmental, and international organizations. In May 2014, two of USAID’s own M&E professionals, Mohammad Al-Qaryouti and Hayat Askar, committed to bringing M&E practitioners together through the establishment of the Jordan Development Evaluation Association (EvalJordan).
Other      Added January 28th, 2019 12:53

USAID CITIES’ Unprecedented Guide Leads Governorates to Create Their Own Strategic Development Plan

Governorate councils were established in Jordan in 2017 under the decentralization law of 2015 and given the responsibility to develop policies, plans and projects that respond to the needs of their local communities. Although these councils held authority, they had no history or foundation of how to take on such tasks. With the support of USAID CITIES, all 12 Governorate councils officially approved their own 2019-2022 Strategic Development Plan. Considering that governorate projects used to be proposed, developed and implemented by the ministries in Amman, the development of plans and budgets for 2019, solely by the governorates, is unprecedented!
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Greater Madaba’s Strategic Step Towards Greater Development

Inspired by the USAID Cities Implementing Transparent, Innovative and Effective Solutions (USAID CITIES)-developed handbook that established the sequence of activities and technical approach; Madaba‘s local development unit worked intensively for seven months to prepare their strategic plan for local economic development.
Other      Added January 28th, 2019 12:57

Eliminating Rumors with Facts

The successful “Al Dhulail Gathers Us” Initiative held in October 2017 with the support of USAID Cities Implementing Transparent, Innovative and Effective Solutions (USAID CITIES) was the turning point where Al Dhulail Municipality realized the importance of direct interaction with the community and the positive potential of community engagement. As part of this realization, Ahmad and his municipal colleagues sought out USAID CITIES’ support to refine and strengthen their communication skills. They recognized that sustaining any changes that emerged as a result of USAID CITIES’ assistance, would need to become part of a “culture of trust” between the Al-Dhulail municipality and its community before changes could become truly meaningful and long-lasting.
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USAID CITIES Partners with the Ministry of Interior to Advance Opportunities for Women

USAID CITIES works with the Ministry of Interior to develop and strengthen the capacities of Governorate Community Outreach/Equal Opportunities Departments across the Kingdom. Through a series of intensive workshops on how to prepare the Governorates' Needs Manual, members of these departments, like Ruba, received comprehensive training and guidance on identifying data related to those community needs in order to prepare development plans that will contribute to a unified govenorate needs list.
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