Ma’an (Male) Assessment VTI Report


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Ma’an (male) VTI is in the Ma’an Governorate; it has only male trainees and has 18 staff.
The VTI has 5 Workshops, 0 classrooms, 1 Computer Lab.
The Operational Capacity is 135, Absorptive Capacity is 91 and it currently has 99 trainees.
The VTI has programs in the following majors: Domestic wiring electrician, Light Auto Mechanics, Vehicle Mechanics, Carpentry, Welding, Solar Heater Installer, Computer, Health &safety specialist, Electric welding assistant, Electro Instruments maintenance, Compressors& pumps mechanics, Industrial electric machines maintenance, Field operator, Built technician, Industrial electric machines, plumber, Air conditioning, Solar Heater, Welding, Carpenter. The outcomes of the assessment visits have been collated into four main categories;
1. Philosophy, Objectives and Finance
2. Organisation, Administration and Staffing
3. Infrastructure, Workshops and Learning Resources
4. Training Programs and Student (Trainee) Services.

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