Aqaba (female) VTI Report  

Aqaba (female) VTI is in the Aqaba Governorate; it has only female trainees and has 12 staff.
The VTI has 4 Workshops, 0 classrooms, 1 Computer Lab.
The Operational Capacity is 130; Absorptive Capacity is 60 and it currently has 60 trainees.
The VTI has programs in the following majors: Hairdresser, Hairdresser assistant, Data Entry, Computer design supporter, Women dress Tailor, Swing Machine operator, and Handy craft.
The outcomes of the assessment visits have been collated into four main categories;
1. Philosophy, Objectives and Finance
2. Organisation, Administration and Staffing
3. Infrastructure, Workshops and Learning Resources
4. Training Programs and Student (Trainee) Services.