Mentoring of Medical Sector


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Dr. Assaf Al-Assaf / Emerging Markets Group (EMG)

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USAID/Jordan Monitoring and Evaluation Support Program (MESP) USAID/Jordan Monitoring and Evaluation Support Program (MESP)
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SABEQ (Sustainable achievement of business expansion and quality)


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This report details the activities and conclusions of the first mentorship assignment of the
medical sector. Following preliminary consultations between the Enhanced Productivity
Component Lead, the Medical Sector Lead and the Mentor, the bulk of the mentor’s work
was carried out in Amman, Jordan from May 25, 2008 through June 20, 2008, under the
guidance of the Jordanian office of the Sustainable Achievement of Business Expansion and
Quality (SABEQ) project. This project represents one portion of a larger USAID project
designed to improve all of the economic sectors in Jordan. The goal of the medical sector
mentorship was to explore the possibilities of increased medical tourism in Jordan among
other capacity building measures of the private medical sector towards international
excellence. The capacity of Jordanian Private Hospitals Association and its member
hospitals to meet international accreditation standards was seen as an important component
of attracting international patients and achieving international quality reputation.

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