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Women Empowerment for Improved Research in Agricultu...

The study on “Women Empowerment for Improved Research in Agricultural Development,
Innovation and Knowledge Transfer in the West Asia/North Africa Region” was commissioned by the
Association of A...

Private Sector Survey Event Presentation

The Private Sector Survey results presentation. The Private Sector survey is representative of the Jordanian formal private sector at the governorate, business size and business sector level. The s...

Jordanian Private Sector Survey One Pager

The survey was used to inform an assessment of economic growth and competitiveness in Jordan,as well as to provide valuable information on private sector perspectives and experiences for USAID,USAI...

Implementing Partner Newsletter October 2018

Bringing our implementing partners the most recent news and information over the past month. Learn about
USAID's support in your communities and about our mutual goals across all sectors.

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Mafraq Campus 2-pager (Arabic)

Short description of the GreenfieldCities youth business campus in Mafraq

Mafraq Campus 2-pager (English)

Short overview on the GreenfieldCities youth business campus project in Mafraq

MESP Drop In Sessions

MESP developed Drop-In Sessions as part of informal knowledge and learning.

Political Economy Analysis MESP Drop-in Session Pres...

Political Economy Analysis

Political Economy Analysis MESP Drop In Session Hand...

The Problem of Public Sector Absenteeism

Political Economy Analysis MESP Drop In Session Desc...

This session will introduce political economy analysis and cover the concept as well as considerations and opportunities associated with applying political economy analysis and questions such as wh...