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The Oxfam Gender Training Manual

Gender awareness and self-awareness, Building gender awareness, Self-awareness for women and men, Choosing the sex of your child, My organisation is a male/female organisation

Empowering women: uncovering financial inclusion bar...

Empowering women: uncovering financial inclusion barriers

Gender Responsive Budgeting in Practice: a Training ...

Gender budgeting: concepts, principles and purposes, Budget formats and processes, Tools for gender budget analysis,


women and men, girls and boys,
have equal rights, life prospects
and opportunities, and the power to
shape their own lives and contribute
to society. Equality between the sexes
is a question o...

Knowledge sharing sessions

The GSF aimed to increase the effective and
equitable participation of Jordanian women in
the development of their society, in particular
GSF would have by the end of its operation

Review of Gender rational and concepts

Defining “Gender”, What is Gender Analysis, Short history of WID and GAD

SME Startup & Entrepreneurship Workshop

Comprehending Entrepreneurship and SMEs Business Model
Understanding Driving Force and Golden Circle of the Business
Using Secondary Research in Assessing Macroeconomics and Sector Drivers

SME Startup & Entrepreneurship Workshop 4

Understand the Basic Financial Statements.
•Comprehend the Components of Financial Statements.
•Construct Basic Financial Statements.
•Understand Cash Flow.
•Understand Types of Costs.

SME Startup & Entrepreneurship Workshop 2

Secondary Market Research, Indicators that are examined through secondary market research,

SME Startup & Entrepreneurship Workshop 3

Introduction to Startups Business Planning –Company Profile and Business Model Canvas, Failure to plan is planning for failure