Jordan Private Sector Survey: Gaining Insight and Understanding into the Needs of the Jordanian Private Sector


About the Private Sector Survey: USAID Jordan’s Monitoring and Evaluation Support Project (MESP), in partnership with Mindset, implemented a survey of 1,864 registered businesses throughout Jordan between November 2017 – January 2018. The survey is representative of the Jordanian formal private sector at the governorate, business size and business sector level. The survey questionnaire built on the World Bank Enterprise Survey, and aimed to capture perceptions from the private sector on key issues surrounding growth and competitiveness in Jordan including company performance, employment, access to finance, the business enabling environment, connectedness, and attitudes toward women and youth.

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Private Sector Survey INSTRUMENT

Private Sector suvey Questionnaire
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Private Sector Survey - ANALYSES BOOKLET

Getting insight and understanding into the needs of the Jordanian Private Sector
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Private Sector Survey DATA

Private Sector Data Set FOR SPSS
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Jordanian Private Sector Survey One Pager

The survey was used to inform an assessment of economic growth and competitiveness in Jordan,as well as to provide valuable information on private sector perspectives and experiences for USAID,USAID implementing partners and key development and growth stakeholders in Jordan
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